Capturing Motherhood with Maternity Photography

Maternity photos are all the rage for expectant mommies out there and there is a steadily-growing market for this kind of photography. Although it is challenging to some photographers, it is also a fulfilling assignment to capture the heart-warming happiness of a soon-to-be mother in images that she may cherish throughout her life.

A maternity photo-shoot may pose challenges to the photographer but there are so many ways in which both the subject and the mother will find the experience a meaningful one instead.
Location, location, location: The mother may choose to shoot in s studio, outdoors or at home. The photographer can make the best out of all these options. For an instance, the subject may choose to shoot at home since she is more comfortable there. The photographer can take advantage of this because it will result into images of the mother’s natural surroundings; for example, the photographer may ask the mother to pose in the baby’s nursery. As for the outdoors, this also presents another advantage. There is just something about the great outdoors that brings out the natural beauty of a woman who is about to bring new life into the world.

Simplify and beautify: Expecting mothers are the likeliest to feel insecure about themselves and their bodies. As a photographer, you can ease their discomfort and insecurity by showing them that they are still beautiful and in fact, even more beautiful in their current state. Communicate with your subject genuinely during the shoot so as to draw out her radiance. Build her confidence. Before the shoot, encourage them to have her hair and makeup done for the shoot. Another good trick is to shoot from a higher angle so as to produce a more flattering body shape. Take note that seven months is the best time to take photos since at this period, the mother will be feeling and looking her best.
Don’t forget the Significant Others: The expectant dad, the excited and doting siblings and even the pet dogs may help make maternity photos more significant and memorable. Whoever is included in the family unit is always a great addition to the photo shoot.
Something New: There are certain photos that have really become cliché. As a photographer, you should take each photo-shoot as a unique experience for each of your subjects. Tailor each shoot according to the personality of the mother-to-be. Change the angles and make that unexpected shot. Your subject will surely appreciate having a maternity photo that is different from the others she had seen before.
Light and shadow: A moody light will hide those parts of her body that she feels insecure about and shadows evoke depth and a dramatic feel. Soft and natural lighting also works well with maternity photos since it gives a tranquil feel to the image. In the technical side, the soft lighting evens out the skin tone of the subject. The photographer can always consult the subject on her preferences about this aspect of the shoot.

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